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Real-Time Identification of Fake News

Phishing and Fraud 

Welcome to our site, where cutting-edge technology shields users from phishing attacks, fake news, fraudulent online stores, and identifies deceptive communications. Your online safety is our priority.


Phish-Free, Fake-Free, Fear-Free

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Experience the potential of Online Protector, our ultimate assistant in identifying fake information, now in early access. Our advanced technology guards you against phishing attacks, fake news, fraudulent online stores, and deceptive communications. With Online Protector, your online safety is our top priority. Join us in our early access program and experience a world free from fakes and scams. Don’t wait, protect yourself today!

Fake News

Our technology enables us to identify the authors of unreliable news and notify you about other fake messages created by these authors.


Using our technology, we can identify phishing sites before others do and warn you about them.

Fake Shops

With our technology, you will never be scammed from online shopping again.

Scam Letters

We Plan to add Scam Letter recognition in the near future.

Everything you need for defense against Fake News and phishing is with us.

Our technology functions as a pre-emptive alert mechanism. It notifies you ahead of time, before any damage can be done by a fraudulent site or misinformation.

Built for all major platforms and devices.

Our innovative technology is engineered to detect fake news and identify phishing sites, ensuring a safe and reliable online experience. It uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to scrutinize and validate the authenticity of information, safeguarding you from deceptive content. “Built for all major platforms and devices”, our solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with your digital life. Whether you’re using a PC, a Mac, an Android, or an iOS device, our technology works tirelessly in the background to protect you, offering you a secure and trustworthy digital environment.